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QLDS Technology

QLDS is a cloud-based software that was developed using Microsoft .NET Core technology running on the Microsoft Azure platform.  The lens design software can be set up remotely and custom-tailored to each user's manufacturing requirements.  The software is VCA compatible and seamlessly integrates with all VCA compatible Freeform manufacturing equipment and Laboratory Mangement Software systems. 


Advantages of Cloud Computing


  • Cost Efficient -- Cloud computing is cost-efficient to use, maintain, and upgrade.  There is no local server in your facility for your employees to maintain.

  • Automatic Software Updates  --Software updates occur periodically and require no intervention from your personnel except testing.

  • Backup and Recover -- Backup up and restoring data is done remotely and does not require intervention from your personnel.

  • Quick Deployment -- After your laboratory completes a  questionnaire, the entire system can be configured and ready for testing within a few days.

QLDS receives the prescription information (.lds) from the Laboratory Management Software system and performs a surface calculation; which takes approximately 30 seconds for a pair of lenses.  QLDS then returns a machine data file (.lms) and the surface points file (.sdf) to the Laboratory Management Software system.  The Laboratory Management Software system stores the information contained in these two files so it can be accessed by the surfacing, finishing, and inspection equipment.

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