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About Us

QLDS offers our business partners the technology and services they need to manufacture excellent lenses worldwide.

We do this by providing support through each step of the product creation process,  from product development, design review, product installation, manufacturing, and go-to-market strategy.  

Our offerings include:


  • Digital Lens Designs

  • Training (Sales and Laboratory Processing)

  • Installation Support

  • Customer Support


QLDS is a private, fully independent company, established in October 2017 engaged in the development of Digital Lens Design Software. QLDS values creativity and delivers superior solutions to the lens industry worldwide. QLDS's primary focus is to create a new series of Lens Designs that will provide lined-multifocal wearers with a safer, more comfortable, and aesthetically appealing visual experience.


QLDS was started as a joint venture between Softlinkers, a software development company in Poland, and a group of optical experts in the US. Softlinkers has a strong IT background developing B2B applications and Lens Design Software. Our optical experts have over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of corrective optical lens design, production technology, as well as hands-on optical retail and wholesale experience.


QLDS has created a state-of-the-art Lens Design Software platform using a new patent utilities called Direct Addition Lens (DAL ) and Natural Accomodation Lens (NAL) to produce unique, enhanced visual performance prescription lenses that will change how the industry views multifocal lenses as we know them today.


QLDS is located in Largo, Florida.

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