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Duolux   Pro

Duolux  Activ



With so many products available to aging consumers

to maintain a younger image, isn’t it time that lined-multifocal wearers

had a lens design that makes them look younger?


Duolux® Pro features a clear distance view with a moderate peripheral gaze down and a wider reading zone than Duolux® Activ lenses.


Ideal for professional & vocational needs where wide near viewing is required


Duolux® Activ features a larger, stable undistorted distance and a more comfortable lower peripheral visual field than the Duolux® Pro.


Provides ultimate visual comfort for daily use, sports and leisure activities.

Marble Surface

Natural viewing path from distance to  near eliminating images jump and image separations.


Marble Surface

Provides a continuity of image, the eye effortlessly just zooms in and zooms out between the distance and the near.


Marble Surface

There are no visible lines. They have the look of a progressive with the benefits of a bifocal. 


The  Duolux® Lens Designs is a premium Freeform no-line multifocal replacement for the lined Flat Top market, 

Target Market

The Duolux® lenses are a premium alternative specifically designed for:· 

  • Existing Flat Top patients 


  • Progressive non-adapt patients zones. 


  • Emerging presbyopia patients 

Duolux® Availability

  • Now available in all material indexes and colors 

  • Better suited for AR coatings since there is no segmented line

  • Increased prescription range -16.75 D to +11.75 D

  • Add power range +0.25 D to +3.50 D

  • Suitable for sunglasses  (Tinted, Photochromic, and Polarized)

Fitting Instructions

  • Minimum fitting height is 16mm

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