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Direct Addition Lens Technology  (DAL  )



The Duolux® lenses were designed using the Direct Addition Lens (DAL  ) patent, a new methodology where the transition between distance and near visual fields is calculated without an intermediate zone.


The lack of an intermediate zone in the Duolux® lenses allows QLDS to produce lens designs that have larger distance and near visual fields, providing wearers with a safer, more comfortable, and aesthetically appealing lens.


The eye’s natural path from distance to near is seamless without distortions or image jumps. The eyes effortlessly just zoom in and zoom out between distance and near. 


Best vision correction for Single Vision, Bifocals, and Progressives



No visible line or blend zones

A direct transition between distance and near reducing eye strain

Smooth transitions from distance to near with no image jump

Stable power across both distance and near visual fields

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